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Does He Love Me?

Wondering if the guy you are with really loves you or not is a question that many women have asked themselves time and time again.
When you’re with someone you care about, it’s not always easy to determine if they are on the same page as you. You may think a man loves you but you feel like you have no real way of knowing for sure except asking him outright. And even then you might not be sure of the answer!

It can be nerve-wracking and even insensitive to ask someone, “Do you really love me? How do I know? Can you prove it?”

But believe it or not, men are actually very simple to read. While there is no set of checkboxes to tick off when determining if a man really loves you, there are definite signs that his feelings for you are true.

You simply have to know what to look for and spot.

When you know what to look for to see whether a man really loves you, the answer will reveal itself right in front of you.

The most important thing that you must understand first about men is that they speak through their actions, not their words. Men prefer to express themselves through the things they do rather than talk about something.

For the most part, women are naturally more comfortable expressing themselves through words and language. On the other hand, opening up and talking is not always easy for a man, especially when it involves his feelings (and yes, men have them too!).

Just because he isn’t talking or saying how he feels it doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling it or is incapable.

This simply means that you should watch a man’s actions to determine his true feelings if he isn’t saying them out loud.

He might not feel comfortable opening up about his true feelings because there is always the possibility of rejection. Men don’t handle rejection very well despite the brave face they put on. They can hurt deeply and will do everything they can to keep that pain hidden from you.

So your man will show his love in another way: through his actions.

What exactly do these “actions” consist of?

At first you might assume that this means giving gifts and tokens of affection. However, those aren’t signs of love. They’re signs of affection but they might not indicate anything deeper than that.

A man truly shows his love through what he spends his time on, in this instance on you. If a man is spending his precious time being with you, participating in activities, and striving to make you happy in his presence, it’s a good indication that he loves you.

Men don’t spend a lot of time hanging around people they don’t like. They aren’t going to waste their time in the presence of someone who doesn’t make them happy and whose own happiness they couldn’t care less about.

When a man chooses to spend time with you more than his family or his friends, it means that he treasures you and is willing to spend his precious time in your presence.

Also, spending time with you doing things you want to do or spending it with the people in your life like your friends and family shows that he is committed to being a part of your life. When he knows who you hold close to you in your own life, he wants to get to know them because he knows how important they are to you.

A man who is not very invested in your relationship will usually try to make any excuse to get out of spending time with you if that means you’re not alone or you’re not hanging out with his group of people.

On the other hand, when a man brings you into his life, it’s a sign that he loves you and trusts you enough to bring you into his own world. Just as he spends time with your friends and family, he also wants to do the same with you.
These are the people who are closest to him and when he is really serious about you and the relationship, he wants to show that off. He’s not trying to hide anything and is looking at the relationship long term.

If you didn’t mean all that much to him, he wouldn’t take the time to open up his own life to you and attempt to share it with you. It’s a huge sign of trust and love when a man does that.

Another way that men show their love for you through their actions is by protecting you. Obviously I don’t mean going to battle and keeping you out of harm’s way.

But things like standing up for you in an argument or escorting you home from a date to make sure that you’re safe are little things that he does to make you feel loved and that he is looking out for you.

While men think they are showing their love, it isn’t always easily seen and picked up on by women.

Whereas he thinks he is being pretty obvious through his actions, you might be more focused on waiting for him to say it. These miscommunications can make you feel like he might not truly love you because you are looking at the wrong signs.

All of the things a man does for you and with you are indicators of his feelings for you. Things like keeping you in mind during decisions, remembering your preferences and what you like, following through with plans to spend time together, etc.

These are all actions on his part that show that he is thinking about you, remembering things about you, and looking towards a future with you. Even though he might not say it out loud, he does his best to show you.

And men don’t always get it right. He won’t always know exactly what will make you happy or he might forget that you hate mushrooms when he picks up a gourmet takeout to bring over to your place.

What matters is the fact that he thought about you enough to make the effort to pick up takeout that he thought you would enjoy. He might not have realized it this time but next time he’ll remember to keep the mushrooms out of your food.

The important thing is to notice and recognize the efforts he makes. When you can spot the many different ways he tries to show you his love through his actions, you won’t have to guess any more.

With Love,

Nick Bastion