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Hi there,

You’re probably wondering what Enchant Him and Have His Heart are all about. You’re also probably wondering why you should listen to me of all people.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick Bastion, and I’m very happy that you’re here.

Enchanting your man is all about igniting his passion for you, and having him bend over backwards to please you, adore you, and honestly give you everything you could possibly want. And I insist that I can quickly teach this simple secret to you, instantly giving you the power in your relationship and his true love and devotion… all while he thinks it was his idea.

Here’s an example: Have you ever seen that woman who seems to have her man completely wrapped around her finger? Her man does everything he can to give her the relationship she wants. And all of her friends and family can only look on in jealousy and respect, wondering how she does it.

When you can truly Enchant Him you get huge benefits like this in every part of your relationship and life. That’s what this site is all about.

I actually discovered the secret to Enchant Him while helping a close friend of mine.

A few years ago. My friend Carrie Engel asked me for advice regarding her heartbreaking separation with her husband…

I’ve been a professional counselor, dating and relationship coach for over 10 years. The majority of my clients are women, who have used my advice to experience extraordinary and deeply fulfilling relationships.

See, I get the most satisfaction out of the many wedding invitations I receive from my clients, who finally experience the romance and deep connection in their relationships they’ve always wanted as a result of my advice.

I’ve also saved countless relationships from disaster, separation or just plain old dullness. That’s why I’m called the “Marriage Maker.” I have the secret to breaking through his tough shell, reaching deep into his heart, and having him beg to be with you… forever.

Carrie knew that I had a lot of experience understanding men so she wanted to see if I there was any advice I might have for her.

When she explained her situation to me, I felt my heart ache for her… but as she kept explaining her situation, I felt myself begin to smile. I realized I knew exactly what would help her.

We sat down, and I shared what I thought was a perfect solution with her.

To make a long story short, she had played her hand wrong since the beginning of her relationship. I saw it, but there was no stopping her from taking the path she took.

Countless other women have also made the exact same mistake she has time and time again.

She didn’t believe me when I first told her, but having her heart broken was the best thing that could happened to her. She wasn’t ready to hear what really reaches men, and she would not have believed me if she was still in her relationship.

It was the perfect time to tell her what to do, because I knew that she would take action and her love life wouldn’t be confusing anymore.

I broke everything down for her that night, she told me it was like having her fortune read by a psychic.

I still remember how shocked and happy she was when she used my secret… by the end of that month, she called me to tell me her dream man had taken her on a romantic date (the way it should be.) And today, she’s been married to her wonderful, charming, affectionate husband for three years.

I finally understood how much of an impact this secret could have on women every if I just shared it. Something inside of mind click the day she got married, and I decided I needed to share my secret with women everywhere.

Relationships and male psychology became not only my profession, but my past-time and hobby. I developed a passion to help women everywhere to have the relationships they want, with the man they love.

It wasn’t long before I chose to share my secret with women over the internet (there just isn’t enough time in the physically help every woman with their personal situations) and suddenly, the list of women I help tripled in size.

I discovered the truth about how men think, how relationships work, and how you can make your man drop his wishy-washy behavior and devote himself to loving you.

You now have an opportunity to take advantage of all of that work.

HaveHisHeart.com and EnchantHim.com contain all of the insights and secrets I’ve discovered decades of experience, helping thousands of women to enjoy the relationships they want.

I realized that leveraging the work of a few extra people would increase my reach a little, but leveraging the power of the Internet would magnify my reach exponentially! And that’s the story of how Enchant Him came to be. It is a work of love. I hope it will become a memorable part of your journey toward finding rich, satisfying relationship

I look forward to welcoming you into the Enchant Him family. Please feel free to take advantage of all the information available here, and make sure to sign up for a free membership to receive exclusive reports and information!

Nick Bastion