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Warning: Avoid These Common But Deadly Relationship-Killing Mistakes, So Your Relationship Lasts

thumb13 Mistakes That Destroy Relationships

We all make mistakes. We’re only human. But it’s really tough when we make those mistakes in our relationships and end up destroying everything.

thumb14 How To Prevent A Breakup

Breakups suck. No one ever wants to go through that and it’s even more difficult when it happens to you and you would do anything to stop it. That crushing feeling you get when your boyfriend says that things are over and you feel like you never even had a chance to correct things.

thumb15 Signs He Doesn’t Like You

Trying to figure out whether a guy likes you or not can often feel like you’re playing the role of detective, digging for clues and putting puzzle pieces together. It’s incredibly frustrating at times and you do it because you want to avoid the possibility of rejection.